Junior Certificate school programme

junior certificate school programme

We are delighted to offer the Junior Certificate School Programme to all of our junior cycle students. This programme is a student-centred intervention within the Junior Certificate Programme, which aims to help young people to experience real success and benefit from their time in school, to develop a positive self-image and enjoy the experience of active learning and success. Two award ceremonies are held every year to celebrate the students’ achievements with their parents and the school community. On completion of the programme in third year, students also receive an individual profile which is an official record of their achievements over the three years from the Department of Education and Skills.

While recognising that all students are unique individuals with different learning interests, strengths, ways of learning and challenges, some students need additional support and guidance which this programme offers. Additional targeted supports are available to those students who may find it difficult to engage with the curriculum in school. Teachers work as part of a team focusing on the strengths of the students and acknowledging their successes thereby making the Junior Certificate curriculum more accessible to students and providing them with an opportunity to obtain a Junior Certificate recording their particular level of attainment. The school will continue to offer this programme subject to demand and resources.

For more information, see the following:  www.jcsp.ie, www.pdst.ie and www.ncca.ie.