I am delighted to welcome you to the school community of Presentation Secondary School Warrenmount. I hope you enjoy navigating our website and that you learn more about the many aspects of life and plentiful opportunities on offer here in Warrenmount. As a school community, we collaborate with all stakeholders – teachers, parents, students and the Board of Management to create an environment which facilitates high quality teaching and learning. We pride ourselves on being a caring school in line with the values of Venerable Nano Nagle, foundress of the Presentation Order and our Trust body CEIST. We have very high expectations for our students on every level and expect all members of our school community to behave in a respectful manner, always aware of the individuality and dignity of each person. Our Code of Behaviour is in keeping with best practice and is always implemented in a fair and consistent way. Students’ efforts and their achievements are rightly affirmed and all Warrenmount students are provided with many opportunities to excel in the different facets of school life.
We work hard  to promote and support positive behaviour for learning through the provision of key supports in our school. We are very proud of our students, staff and parents, both past and present, who continue to be excellent ambassadors for our school. We are always very keen to work with parents and the wider community to ensure our mission statement is a living reality. We enjoy very strong connections with a number of local community groups and organisations which assist us in nurturing and supporting our students’ many gifts and talents in an environment of mutual respect and authenticity. We want all of our students to fulfill their potential and take their place in the world as happy, confident, well rounded young women, with the ability to negotiate their way successfully through life’s many challenges and be content in all that they will continue to achieve through their life journey. Our school is a happy, welcoming, creative, ambitious and student centred community, where we are instilled with the confidence to work towards becoming the best we can be and to continually strive for excellence in all that we do.   Gwen Brennan, Principal