Warrenmount TY student Michelle Kuzmicheva (second from left) was recently involved with Teen-Turn summer internships in the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA).

This project aims to promote diversity in the professional world of science and technology by providing internships to teenage girls in Ireland-based companies.

Last week, Michelle and several other students taking part on the project were featured in an article about theire experiences working in the ACIA environment.

A full copy of the article can be seen here.

Teen-Turn is an organisation that aims to ‘turn teens towards tech’.  In particular, the organisation wants to encourage young women to consider careers in the area of science and technology (STEM).  Every year teen turn links with major companies around the country to offer teenagers work placements during the summer holidays.  They also run projects during the school year such as coderdojo workshops and science programmes.

Last year was the first year Warrenmount became involved, with three students taking part.  One of those students, Sahel Zalavi, won a prize for the best visuals in the  blog competition.  This year nine Warrenmount girls took part and three of them have been nominated for the blog competition.  Watch this space!