Congratulations to Ms. Sweeney’s Junk Kouture students for qualifying for the Regional Finals of the Bank Of Ireland Junk Kouture Competition 2019. 
Out of the school’s 6 group entries, an impressive 3 groups qualified:
Group 1: AMPHRICITE – Michelle Kuzmicheva, Aimee Cloake, Raluca Buda (also model).  The students focused on the impact of overfishing in our seas and the recycled materials they used are plastics, pvc and sponges. 
Group 2: STORY OF EDEN – Sanju Thapa, Nguyen (Annie) Diep Anh, Florentina Martin (also model).  The students wanted to express that if we continue to use plastic, the world will not be the paradise it once was. Their outfit was solely made from recycled plastic bags.
Group 3: SACRED TRISCLE – Alannah Walsh, Kaitlin Tyndall, Lauren Wilson (Katie Copeland, 5 LCA, model).  The students wanted to address the issue of deforestation and the impact it is having on the world. They used decayed leaves, twigs and recycled artificial grass. 
The three other groups were RUSSIAN BLUE – Erin Dennis Sillery; VIRTUOUS ANGEL – Alix Lee, Chloe Slattery and Shannon O Connell and NERISSA – Sara Salem, Zuwena Mohammad and Ceilí Hand. 
Ms. Sweeney is exceptionally proud of all her students’ work and would like to acknowledge that all of the groups did a lot of work on their entries so commiserations to the groups that didn’t get through to the regional finals stage of the competition. 
All 3 qualifying teams are going to the Helix on Tuesday, 5th March for the day and the live show is at 7:00pm.  Congratulations and good luck, girls!