We have a very busy schedule in Presentation Secondary School Warrenmount for College Awareness Week:

  • Throughout the week, teachers within their own classes will give talks about learning pathways and careers specific to their own subject/s area. Many will be speaking from their own experiences. There will also be an ‘exhibition wall’ of the colleges that the staff graduated from or have attended in their continued professional development / career paths.
  • On Monday 19th November, 6LCA students will visit Portobello institute. The trip will be an opportunity for the students to visit facilities at the college and discuss the merits of scholarships available there.
  • On Tuesday 20th November, 1st Year students will attend a Product Design workshop on campus in DIT Grangegorman.
  • On Wednesday 21st November, 5th Year students will attend a workshop in Griffith College. The trip will be an opportunity for the students to visit the facilities at the college, find out about the courses on offer and the availability of scholarships.
  • On Thursday 22nd November, a team of 5th Years will host a Careers Mentoring Workshop with the 2nd Year students. The 5th Year students have prepared power points on specific career paths and they will disseminate this information to the 2nd Year students with a question and answer session. This workshop will take place in the library. A similar one will be held on Friday 23 November with the 1st Years.
  • On Friday 23 November, the 5LCA students will visit Liberties College and attend a workshop about the experiences of college life in Further Education.

Over the term, Transition Year and Sixth Year have had visitors and visits in relation to further education, careers and work placements. Currently, 10 of the 6th Yr Biology students have been participating on a four week biology experiments workshop organised and facilitated by the Royal College of Surgeons. Recently 20 of our students visited the Twitter Headquarters in Dublin for the Student Digital Literacy & Tech Careers Afternoon. So you can see we are ‘college aware’ and aware of the different learning pathways and possibilities to further education in Warrenmount!