On Monday 17th September 2018, Warrenmount 5th and 6th Year Art students travelled to Co. Meath for a fascinating tour of Newgrange Passage Tomb.

Dated at 5,000 years old, Newgrange is a unique window into Ireland’s ancient past. Students sketched the world famous kerbstones that decorate the circumference of the tomb, adorned with artistic chevrons, lozenges and circles. Such artistic and historically important etchings allow us all to appreciate what may have been important to our earliest ancestors.

Once inside, students were shown the basin stones of the three recessed tombs across which the ashes of our ancestors were scattered all those millennia ago. Students were plunged into darkness to conclude the tour, as a shaft of light beamed up the passage to illustrate what dawn looks like in the tomb on the Winter Solstice every year, December 21st.

A special thank you to the guide who provided students with a broad yet all-encompassing understanding of Ireland’s Neolithic monument. A thank you also to Ms. Sweeney for arranging such an enjoyable and educational trip.